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I brought my kids to Kindle Dental and we loved our experience.  The front staff was very helpful in explaining our insurance benefits when we arrived for our first appointment.  The dentist was very caring and explained each procedure as the appointment moved along.  We will definitely go back to our follow up appointment in 6 months.  Kindle Dental is the place to go to keep your family of smiles beautiful. 
~Mrs. Roberts, Tyler, TX

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Sedation dentistry puts your fears to rest

You may know the feeling. Your appointment card arrives in the mail and your hands start sweating and shaking, your heart races and you suddenly have trouble breathing. The mere thought of going to the dentist can be paralyzing for some people, who may have had a bad experience with a dentist.

Some 30 to 40 million Americans are afraid to visit a dentist. Many are so afraid that they avoid seeing a dentist for years and ignore any health problems they have with their teeth and gums. Many even ignore toothaches.

You’re not alone

Thanks to advanced dental sedation techniques and procedures, you don’t have to let your fear of the dentist’s chair keep you from a great smile any longer.

Thanks to modern sedation techniques, Kindle Dental makes your regular b a comfortable, relaxing, completely stress-free experience. With sedation dentistry, you take a mild sedative that will help you become drowsy and even fall asleep. Many sedation patients sleep through the complex procedures or even through the entire treatment.

A healthy smile can vastly improve your health and self-image. So don’t let your fear keep you from all the benefits that come from a nice smile.

Do you fear being in the dentist’s chair? We offer dental sedation for a relaxed, comfortable and stress-free dental experience. Book your appointment with us using ourRequest an Appointment form or give us a call at 903.242.9777 (Longview), 903.747.3919 (Tyler), or 903.218.6300 (Kilgore).