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I brought my kids to Kindle Dental and we loved our experience.  The front staff was very helpful in explaining our insurance benefits when we arrived for our first appointment.  The dentist was very caring and explained each procedure as the appointment moved along.  We will definitely go back to our follow up appointment in 6 months.  Kindle Dental is the place to go to keep your family of smiles beautiful. 
~Mrs. Roberts, Tyler, TX

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Endodontics: Getting to the root of your problem

Toothaches are often the result of tooth decay reaching into the living nerve roots inside teeth. The dead or dying root can cause throbbing pain and it must be removed to stop the pain and preserve the tooth.

Once the infected root and any abscess is removed, we fill the empty canal with a highly specialized antiseptic filler material called gutta-percha. Nerve root structures vary widely among patients and even within their own teeth. For most patients without complicated root structures, Kindle Dental provides convenient onsite root canal therapy with excellent results.

When a patient has a complicated nerve root, we will refer them to a skilled endodontist for the best possible outcome. Endodontists have years of special training in root canal therapy. In either case, we always give patients the choice and do what is in their best interests.

Are your experiencing throbbing tooth pain? Let our skilled endodontist take care of your root canal problem. Give us a call at 903.242.9777 (Longview), 903.747.3919 (Tyler), or 903.218.6300 (Kilgore). For your convenience, you can book your preferred consultation time using our online Request an Appointment form.